We are experienced in working with fire service sponsored 457(b) deferred comp plans. We offer a fiduciary approach to retirement saving, participant investment advice, and financial planning that others can’t offer.

         The fire service has traditionally depended on insurance based, group annuity retirement plans as their primary 457(b) deferred comp solution.  Unfortunately, these plans are relics from the 1980’s with high fee structures, poor service, no fiduciary investment advice, and poor performing investment options. At Arista Wealth we offer a better solution. 


Arista Delivers a
Different Investment Experience

1. Fiduciary Investment Management of Your Money

2. We Monitor Your Account to Make Sure You are Invested Properly at All Times

3. We Offer Personal Investment Advice to You and Your Families

4. We Provide Access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who is an Experienced 457(b) Advisor

5. We Offer Complimentary Financial Planning Sessions

6. Professionally Managed Mutual Fund Portfolios Designed to Increase Your Investment Returns