Fearless vs. Unaware — Know Where Your Money's At

TEOI Exhibit 11
TEOI Exhibit 11

The more aware we are of our investments and the nature of the market the less fear we will have of the future.

There are a variety of investors in the world. Many are do-it-yourself investors that do all the research and investing themselves. Then there are the individuals that put their trust in others to advise or manage their money. There are different levels to each approach to investing. Someone might have an advisor but want to do most of the decision making themselves, or there might be a do-it-yourself individual that asks advice from his friend who also works as a Certified Financial Planner.

In this post I don't want to tell you what is best or what type of investor you should be. I hope this short post will give you some insight into which investor you would like to become. I want to talk about fear.

Fear comes from the future. The main reason for this is because we cannot know what will happen in the future and our mind naturally thinks of what may happen—bad or good. Thoughts of bad things happening in the future cause anxiety and fear.

I have noticed throughout my career that the less aware an investor is of where his money is invested in (or even how the market works) the more fear and anxiety they feel. Anxiety and fear is toxic. Even though the fear is only in the financial part of our life, the anxiety from that fear can leak into every aspect of our daily lives.

Looking at this concept the other way around, the more aware we are of our investments and where our money is and how the market really works the more fearless we become. Fearlessness in our financial life can lead us to feel more in control of our lives and more confident in the future. One of the greatest skills an investor can have is being fearless, and that come from awareness. Awareness of our investments, our money, and how the market works.


The more aware we are the less fear we have. Also, the more fear we have the more unaware we are (see featured image above)