Know What is in Your Control (and What Isn't)

TEOI Exhibit 1
TEOI Exhibit 1

I can’t begin to mention all the instances I have seen someone try to control something that was out of their control. Parents want to control their children, gamblers want to control the roll of the dice, all of us would love to control the weather, and investors want to control the market. The fact is, they can’t. Countless books can and have been written on this subject. This idea is not new to the world. So why do so many people still do it? Because it is easy. It is easy to want to control the uncontrollable, but it is hard to only focus and control the things we can control.

Ask yourself these three questions-

1. What aspects of my life (investing) are in my control?

2. What aspects are out of my control?

3. What can I do today to control those things that are in my control?

Personally, I can control my actions, my thoughts, my words. I can’t control the future. I can’t control what has happened in the past. I can’t control the market, and I can’t control what others do. I am going to go out today and keep my mind in the present, speak kindly to others, and I am going to do the little things to make my life and my investments better.