Technology to Simplify Our Lives


Last night I was at a professional basketball game. My tickets were on the second row and sitting right in front of me was former pro tennis player John McEnroe. I was excited to be so close to him because remember watching McEnroe play years ago on TV as he competed at Wimbledon, the US Open, and all the other big tennis championships. He would work so hard and extend himself to new heights and new levels on the tennis court.

In case you have never seen McEnroe play, he was known for having an explosive temper. As I watched him years ago he would get extremely angry at the referee for calling a ball inside the line when McEnroe thought it was out. He would get so fired up that he would begin to yell at the referee and even throw his racket during tantrums. The referees and McEnroe would spend so much time looking closely at the court to see if there were any marks from the ball. This would take time and delay the match. But now in today's tennis world judgment has been removed from the referee by technology.

With today’s technology all major tennis tournaments use what is called a MacCAM. The “Mac” part of the name MacCAM is named after John McEnroe. This is because the MacCAM is a new piece of technology that tracks the tennis ball and gives immediate feedback to the referee if the ball hit in or outside the line. Imagine the relief referees must feel knowing that they will not have to deal with any more John McEnroes! Because of this technology the game of tennis has been forever simplified.

Technology in our lives:

It is amazing that we live in a world with so much evolving technology. Individuals and investors can use newest technology to simplify their investing and individual lives.

Just as many successful individuals are using and implementing technology into their daily lives to make them simpler, there are many individuals that are still not. If you’re building a table why wouldn’t you use a measuring tape or table saw to make the whole process simpler? It is the same in any aspect in our life. If there is a tool that will make a specific task easier why would we not use it? Thank goodness there are new technologies coming out ever year that simplify investing. Using the right tools to manage our wealth can significantly lower our daily anxiety and give us more control of our financial future.

Ask yourself:

Am I using technology to implement solutions?

Am I simplifying my life?

I created this blog so that I can take advantage of technology to spread my knowledge about investing and managing your personal wealth. I want everyone to reach their goals and remove that significant amount of anxiety in our lives that comes from financial worry. My invitation is for you to follow along with me as I share my knowledge with you and the world.