Watch Your Pedals

Red Rock Sunrise Nevada
Red Rock Sunrise Nevada

Near my office in Las Vegas is a great area to ride bikes away from the city. With beautiful  scenery and well maintain asphalt roads I often go on rides up to the Red Rock conservation area.

On one of my rides I pulled along side a woman who was having an extremely difficult time getting up one of the hills. She was a middle age woman and not the fittest person you see riding their bike. Seeing the immense amount of stress on her face I asked how she was doing.

Breathing heavily she said, “I’m struggling but I’m ok.”

I told her everything was okay, and she was just fine.

She explained to me that she had forgotten her GPS watch and she had no idea how fast she was going, how far she had gone and how much farther the hill went. Not knowing the exact nature of her progress strained her and I could tell her mind was racing.

I wanted to help her so I told her, “Mam, stop looking up and look down at your pedals and focus on your pedals and you’ll be to the top in no time.”

Her eyes focused on the pedals and slowly she made it up the hill. Upon reaching the top she thanked me for my support, and told me to thank my wife for letting me go ride my bike that day.

It was amazing how dependent the woman was on her GPS watch and knowing every little detail of the ride, that when she was without the watch huge amounts of interference swirled in her head.

After that encounter it occurred to me that many investors feel the same stress. With so much technology around us we want to know everything instantly. Some investors feel that they need to know exactly what is happening to their investments instantaneously. They have alerts on their phone, and when they are removed from technology their stress rises at an incredible rate.

So many people have their minds way far out there. When you are looking at a mountain it looks like it goes on forever. When we are investing for retirement it seems so far away. What we need to do is not rely on knowing everything, but to focus on the important things each day. As we make our way to successful investing and retirement we need to focus on our pedals one day at a time and we’ll be there in no time.

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