We are Fiduciaries* to all of our Clients

Whether you are an individual or institutional investor, Arista Wealth Management will always provide investment management and advice in a fiduciary capacity. As fiduciary advisors, our duty or loyalty is always to our client. We will always communicate and mitigate any conflicts of interest and we will always put the client's interests above our own.

*A fiduciary is a legal or ethical relationship of trust between two or more parities. In such a relationship good conscience requires the fiduciary to act at all times for the sole benefit and interest of the one who trusts. A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care at either equity or law.


Simple Strategies and Low Expenses 

At Arista Wealth Management we take our role as investment fiduciaries very seriously. We provide our clients with unbiased investment advice.

We use institutional share class mutual funds with well below average industry expenses.

Investments Based on Your Time Horizon

We are not market-timers. We accept the time tested and proven research that confirms that market timing strategies are not effective in increasing returns and are statistically more likely to lead to significant market underperformance. 

We allocate your investments based on your investment time horizon and we stay disciplined in our investment approach through up and down markets.

Globally Diversified Investment Portfolios

Our investment portfolios for individuals and institutions typically hold between 10,000 and 12,000 individual securities traded in 45 countries. This global diversification allows us to eliminate concentration risk and increase potential long term returns.