As your investment advisor, we place your financial goals at the center of all that we do. As your partner, we strive to earn your trust with sound financial advice and wealth building strategies.



We minimize market complexities with careful and consistent strategic planning. Then as markets dip and surge, you can lean on reason rather than an emotional reaction to remain on a cost-effective course toward your sensible goals.



Investment management isn't just about tracking numbers in a spreadsheet; it's to help you understand the risks and returns so that you make the most of every life adventure you wish to pursue along the way.


Why People Choose Us

Investment Management

Once we’ve helped you define your life’s goals, sensible investment management becomes the engine that drives your journey.


Retirement Plan Services 

By partnering with the Nation's premiere providers, Arista Wealth offers clear, current solutions for today’s 401(k) plan complexities.


457(b) Services

At Arista Wealth we are experienced in working with fire service employees. We offer a fiduciary approach to retirement saving, participant investment advice, and financial planning that group annuity providers can’t offer.



Our people are passionate about delivering value to our clients 

Our team of highly experienced and competent team of advisors and support staff have over 60 years combined experience in investment management, with well-earned professional designations and credentials. Clients appreciate knowing they receive the latest and most forward-thinking strategies in financial planning, wealth management, and tax minimization. Our people work hard to deliver an exceptional investment experience to our clients because we care very deeply about those that we serve.

We are fiduciaries

As a fee-based investment advisory firm, we act as a fiduciary to each and every client. This means that as fiduciary advisors, we offer unbiased investment advice because our duty and loyalty is always to our clients, never to Wall Street.

*A fiduciary is a legal or ethical relationship of trust between two or more parties. in such a relationship, good conscience requires the fiduciary to act at all times for the sole benefit and interest of the one who trust. A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care at either equity or law.


Simple Strategies and Low Expenses 

At Arista Wealth Management, we take our role as investment fiduciaries very seriously. We provide our clients with unbiased investment advice.

Investments Based on Your Time Horizon

We are not market-timers and confirm that market timing strategies are not effective in increasing returns and are statistically more likely to lead to significant market underperformance. We allocate you investments based on you investment time horizon and we stay disciplined in our investment approach through up and down markets.

Globally Diversified Investment Portfolios

Our investment portfolios for individuals and institutions typically hold between 10,000 and 12,000 individual securities traded in 45 countries. This global diversification allows us to eliminate the concentration of risk and increase potential long-term returns and is the most important factor of the return and long-term performance of a broadly diversified portfolio.

Cost-Effective Implementation

Gross return minus costs (expense ratios, trading, and taxes) equals net return. Every dollar paid for management fees, trading costs, and taxes is a dollar less of a potential return for clients. We use institutional share class mutual funds with well below average industry expenses—a "win-win" for our clients.


Portfolios tend to drift over time from their target allocations due to the varying returns of different asset classes. The coal of a rebalancing strategy is to minimize risk, rather than maximize return.

Behavioral Coaching

We strive to help our clients cut through the noise they hear that often suffused to them that if they're not making changes in their investments, they're doing something wrong. Market performance and headlines change far more often than our clients' objectives. We don't react to the ever-present investment noise and assist our clients to stick to the plan.

Asset Location

The allocation of assets between taxable and tax-advantaged accounts is a tool that we use to add value to our clients' portfolios each year. We expect the benefits of asset location to compound through time.

Withdrawal Order

Many clients are facing important decisions about how to spend from their portfolios. We aim to implement informed withdrawal-order strategies that can minimize the total taxes paid over the course of our clients' retirement, thereby increasing our clients' wealth and the longevity of their portfolios.

Total-Return Investing

Historically, retirees holding a diversified portfolio of equity and fixed income investments could easily live off the income generated by their portfolios. unfortunately, that is no longer the case. With yields on balanced and fixed income portfolios at historically low levels, the value of advice has never been more critical for retirees.